EPOS at Womex


EPOS will visit Womex in Santiago de Compostela 19 - 23 October and are inviting musicians and organizers to a network meeting about gender balance in folk/world music.

Welcome to a network meeting about gender equality in folk and worldmusic.

EPOS is a network, based in Sweden, that are working for increasing gender balance and plurality in the folk/world music field. We are curious to discuss
the gender equality situation in different countries and to share knowledge
about different initiatives working with gender equality in cultural
life. Do you work with these matters or are you interested in the
subject? Join our network meeting! Questions that we will discuss are:

- How does the gender balance look in the music scene in your

- How does the gender balance effect musical life and how does it effect peoples artistic possibilities?

- Are the cultural institutions in you country working with gender
equality? How?

- Are there other organisations/initiatives working with gender equalityin culture in your country/genre/community?

Meeting for musicians: Friday 21 Oct, 11 am to 12. By the stairs outside main entrance. 
Meeting for organizers: Friday 21 Oct, 2 pm to 3 pm. By the stairs outside main entrance.
The meeting will take place outdoors, if not raining. 

Most welcome!



EPOS meeting invitation