Lecture: Power Relations Communication with Leila Jaffar


The difference between values about gender equality and daily practices can be quite large.

Got the feeling you’re not taken seriously even though your counterpart thinks you are treated equally? Non-verbal communication very often reveals the hidden power relations. It reveals the true power distance  Why not use  non-verbal communication to increase your effectiveness without entering all kinds of discussions?

Leila Jaffar will show video footage from various countries and analyse them  with the participants. She will give tips that are useful in daily life, varying from gaining influence through seating positions and gestures to the way you shake hands. Participants can bring their own examples.

A lecture in power relations communication by one of the most respected experts of the subject in Europe, Leila Jaffar. The lecture will be held in english and is free of charge for all EPOS members. 

Leila Jaffar is founder and owner of Jaffar Consultancy in the Netherlands. This privately held firm specializes in training and consultancy services in the field of intercultural communication and conflict resolution. Leila Jaffar is acknowledged as one of the leading trainers in the field of intercultural communication and conflict resolution in the Netherlands. Her aim is to connect people from various cultures and backgrounds through her work and to bridge differences. 

This has brought Leila during the last few years to extend her work to the field of media and music.  Jaffar Consultancy has produced 4 feature documentaries for Dutch television and is currently involved in the development of several projects for Dutch television.

Together with the renowned Oud (Arabic lute) player Omar Bashir Leila has set up Nahawand Foundation. This foundation aims to promote music from the Middle East,  classical Arab music and to facilitate encounters in the form of projects, concerts and masterclasses between musicians and styles from Europe and the Near East. 

The lecture is organised by EPOS in collaboration with Göteborgs Universitet and Kultur i Väst.

Moa Danielson Grimstad