Panel Discussion - Gender equality development on the folk/world scene in Europe


Gender equality development on the folk/world scene in Europe


How is the gender balance in the folk and world music scene in Europe today? Is the development going towards more gender equality? How does it look in comparison to other musical genres? What differences can be seen in different countries? What can be done to create a positive development? Which strategies has been proven to have good effects and which have not?

Can different countries in Europe learn from each other to improve gender equality? How? Is international collaboration a way towards gender equality improvement? What role does platforms like WOMEX play? Can they help influence the development? How? These questions and others will be discussed by three swedish and international guests and moderator Ulrika Gunnarsson in an open conversation, held in english.




Paul Brauer is the current director of communications at Piranha Arts, including Classical Next and WOMEX. He has a background as a music journalist and producer at various music festivals and productions, amongst others the House of World Cultures in Berlin


Anna Wikenius is a folk singer, composer and a member of swedish acappella group Kongero and Swedish Finnish band Folk'Avant. Anna has toured extensively in Europe and North America for the past 7 years. Currently Anna is also working for the organization Bilda, developing folk music in Stockholm.


Lennart Strömbäck is producer/artistic director at NorrlandsOperan in Umeå and artistic director of Umeå Jazz Festival. He is also active in the Europe Jazz Network, and currently a member of the artistic council at Statens Musikverk.


Ulrika Gunnarsson is a swedish folk singer and currently producer at Musik i Syd. She has a background as a journalist at the Swedish National Radio P2 and has worked at Svenskt visarkiv and as a gender equality coordinator at Statens Musikverk.


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