EPOS Mentor (former Ta Plats) is a nationwide mentorship program in Sweden that works for more women to take place, be seen and to be heard on stages within the folk- and worldmusic and -dance genres, as well as in leading positions in the culturelife.

The mentoring program turns to women within folk- and worldmusic, performing artists, musicians, dancers and producers. The aim of the program is to during the one year program give guidance to the participants to become more established and take a large step forward in their carreer – to take more place in the culture scene, on stage, in media and in the creative process.
The participants work with a personal mentor who they meet six times during the one year period. The mentors' are established, experienced and working professionally within their competence area. They give the paticipants guidance and tools for structuring and realizing the participants goals and aspirations, coaching before specific performances and projects, and practical and artistic advise. The participants simply get a experienced person to brainstorm and plan their practice with.
The group of mentors and participants meet during six whole days within one years time. The days' consist of a mentoring part, as well as a lecture with a specific theme where the participants as well as the guest lecturers share experiences and ideas. 
We welcome musicians, singers, dancers and producers who identify themselves as women, with focus on folk- and worldmusic and -dance. Please observe that the participants are to be working professionally, or on their way into working professionally with music or dance, not students under education. They can also be established in the area in another country, but not yet found the means of contact in Sweden.
Earlier mentors are among others  Netta Frister Aaron, Sofia Joons, Marika Hedemyr, Anne Kalmering, Thuva Härdelin, Marie Länne-Persson, Anna Öberg, Ulrika Gunnarsson och Tina Eriksson Fredriksson.

Coming mentoring programs will be announced here on the homepage, in the newsletters you get sent to you as a member, in social media and through our collaborating parties.