Sunju Park

Sunju Park is a multidisciplinary artist who utilizes video art, sound art, choreography and traditional music(World music), especially, specializing in a Korean ancient instrument called Gayageum. Her long-term project ‘Art of Living Nature’ carried out in Sweden, India, Croatia, Norway and Korea has resulted in 5 videos and following music pieces that has listed as a finalist at ISC, UKSC and IAMA competitions and awarded 'Special prize' from Eureka Uprising Korean Musician Awards. The entire work of the project has been staged as a multidisciplinary concert in Korea, several times, and Norway in 2019. Recently, Sunju received 'The best music prize' and 'The best ensemble prize' from PADAF, the committee of multidisciplinary art of Korea, with her collaborators for their successful fusion between music, performance and media art.